About OsteoWeld

We are a British SME incorporated in October 2020, created between US innovation house Bonutti Technologies, Netherlands based venture builder NLC and British medical device entrepreneur Simon Mifsud.

Our game changing platform technology uses ultrasound to weld implanted materials within the body.

Ultrasound-enabled implants for orthopaedic trauma and sports injuries offer increased opportunity and flexibility to orthopaedic surgeons to deal with these type of injuries more effectively.


The Alpha Nail® is the first ultrasonically welded intramedullary nail aimed at long bone fracture treatment, starting with ulna fractures.

Importantly, it allows the surgeon to treat mid-shaft ulna fractures with a minimally invasive surgical approach by interlocking the nail using ultrasonic energy to intra-corporally weld the locking pins to the PEEK over-moulded titanium implant.

This significant development offers multiple options for fixation and increases the opportunity for this type of minimally invasive approach to be utilised.

Sports Injury

SutureWeld® is the first  biodegradable  implant solution utilising our platform ultrasonic welding technology, reducing the need for surgical knots.

The implant system enables simple tissue-to-tissue and/or tissue-to-bone suturing, maintaining optimal suture tension without the risk of knot failure and suture slippage throughout the healing process.

The option of suture welding firstly has the potential to speed up procedure time, secondly, reduce complications and thirdly reduce the need for revision surgeries attributed to knot pressure dissipation.

In conclusion, the technology provides higher, constant suture tension compared to current knotless anchors. It offers healthcare providers a cost-effective solution to orthopaedic trauma and sports injury surgery with potentially improved patient outcomes.

Sustainable medical device design

We are proud to be ISO 14001 accredited by BSI

We have partnered with a number of incredible organisations to develop and launch our innovative technology

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