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NLC,  the European  Healthtech Venture Builder, was founded in 2015 based on the observation that 95% of all healthtech inventions never reach the market regardless of their brilliance. Early stage inventions face numerous challenges in the (product) development, validation, certification and go-to-market phases. NLC’s mission is to bring healthtech to the patient and society by building ventures. 

With over 50 professionals NLC provides embedded entrepreneurship to healthtech IP sourced from either academic institutions or corporates located all over Europe. On an annual basis over 3,000 technologies are sourced of which c. 1,000 are actively assessed and over 20 new ventures are built. As a founding shareholder, NLC is actively involved in the development of each of its ventures and technologies. From support in the development of a business plan, the implementation of quality and regulatory systems, to executing fundraisings and setting up partnerships, NLC has a long-term commitment to bring these technologies to the market whilst ventures maintain their autonomy.   

With this approach NLC, together with Bonutti Technologies Inc., is passionate to bring the OsteoWeld technology to the market and impact the life of each individual patient that would benefit from this innovative technology. 

Bonutti Research is an independently owned research and development company.   Work at Bonutti Research has resulted in over 500 issued and pending patents including Joint Active Systems ROM therapy lines: JAS SPS, EZ, GL, Dynamic, JAS Advance, JAS Track, JAS Pulse ultrasound.  

Surgical innovations include expanding access devices, MIS TKA instruments and approaches, balloon dissection, fracture reduction systems, knotless and all-suture tissue anchors, ultrasonic welding of implants, gender knee systems, gender pharmaceuticals, AxioSonic, the Realeve SPG neuromodulation system and robotic surgery including knee arthroplasty, spine, soft tissue repair, stapling, and suture fixation.

We are Granted Consultancy, we secure the power of non-dilutive funding for innovative organisations that are motivated to drive business, people and the world forwards.

Founded in 2010, we have created a team of experts and partners that understand the technicalities of a project and are dedicated to the task at hand. We know what it takes to be successful, securing funding, such as grants or R&D tax credits, and then guiding, advising and supporting you throughout your journey. Working with us provides the freedom to focus on your project and to fulfill your full potential.

OsteoWeld is one of our many clients that has the conviction to ask if there’s a better way. Our team managed the full development of their successful Innovate UK Smart Grants application, catalysing commercialization of their game-changing product.

For more than a century, the University of Birmingham has been pursuing and sharing knowledge through outstanding teaching and world-leading research.

They are the original ‘redbrick’ University, part of the prestigious Russell Group; their thriving student population enjoys a wide range of courses, and exceptional campus and research facilities.

10 Nobel Laureates count among the staff and alumni and have contributed to some of science’s greatest discoveries, including in recent times the Higgs Boson and Gravitational Waves. Their research provides innovative solutions to local, regional and global challenges.

We are excited to be partnered with the School of Engineering as part of the Innovate UK Smart Award research project, where we are developing our next generation implant and instrumentation ready for commercialisation.