Our Technology

Ultrasound-enabled weldable implants for orthopaedic trauma and sports injuries

OsteoWeld’s game changing platform technology uses ultrasound to weld implanted materials within the body resulting in a range of potential applications.

Our next-generation ultrasound-enabled implants for orthopaedic trauma and sports injuries offer increased opportunity and flexibility to orthopaedic surgeons to more efficiently deal with these types of injuries.

Intellectual Propery & Patents

Our platform technology, The SutureWeld device and the Alpha Nail device are patented and have received initial 510(k) clearances.

OsteoWeld is in the process of obtaining both the ISO13485 and ISO14001 certifications.

Ultrasonic Welding System

Ultrasonic Generator & Handpiece

Our Ultrasonic Welding System features a generator and a simple hand piece that gives the surgeon feedback to signal when welding is complete. This ensures that the welding process is precise, controlled and provides strong and reproduceable fixation.  

All regulatory and certification requirements have been initiated.

Our Implants

The Alpha Nail 

Alpha Nail

An intramedullary rodding system comprising of titanium rods with PEEK over-mould and PEEK interlocking pins for long bone minimally invasive fracture fixation. 510(k) clearance received for application in the Ulna bone (application to be extended to other long bones).

The SutureWeld

SutureWeld device

A biodegradable suture locking system for tissue to bone treatment avoiding suture creep and knot slippage. 510(k) clearance received.

Other Applications

We have identified various other products for different applications. Amongst others fixation of PLLA and PEEK directly to bone or bone cement for reconstructive (implant) surgeries.